JWC gives women the opportunity to engage in inspiring talks and fun activities, awakening in ourselves our oneness and connection to G‑d.
        ⁃       Leah Russel

The Jewish Women’s Circle is where my cup is filled so that I may continue leading my family with love and patience. I always walk away more inspired, having gleaned more in-depth understanding and knowledge of Torah passages. To spend time with these honorable women is to connect on such a deep level, to know that your soul is seen; it validates your worth and lifts you up to become a better version of yourself. Time is precious; any time with JWC is time well spent.
        ⁃       Elizabeth Press

JWC has been an incredible experience for me. I have met women I would not otherwise have had the chance to know. The stories and experiences we share and hear are so meaningful and inspiring. As I find myself gravitating toward our tradition and religion, the support and guidance I receive from JWC and it’s participants is simply invaluable and irreplaceable.
        ⁃       Kayla Bogard

The Jewish Women's Circle is such a wonderful program offered through the shul. It gives me the opportunity (and an excuse), to leave the kids at home and spend quality time with other intellectual women just like myself - all while doing something fun, with a spiritual twist! The program allows me to keep connected to my like-minded Jewish friends in the community and expand my friendships.
        ⁃       Jenny Aingoren  

JWC has always been inviting and welcoming , where I can explore varying ideas of my feminine Jewish self  completely surrounded in warmth!
-Lisa Firestein