Sha’arei Israel Congregation welcomes new members.

Sha'arei Israel was founded in 1979.  Our members come from a wide range of backgrounds, creating an inviting atmosphere for Jews from all walks of life and levels of Jewish practice.

We invite you to meet with Rabbi Lev Cotlar to discuss your membership. He will introduce you to many of the Shul activities. As you learn more about us you may wish to volunteer for one of our committees. There is also a financial commitment that we ask members to make.

Please call Linda, our office administrator, at 919 847-8986. She will help you coordinate a time to meet the Rabbi.

Or email; Subject name: Membership.   Your name and family member names, address and phone number to   [email protected]  And we will contact you.

Thank You,

Why Sha'arei Israel ?

We have the only daily Minyan in Raleigh...

For services, we use an English-Hebrew Prayer Book. In a non-judgmental way, the synagogue facilitates the spiritual growth of each individual.

We offer:    Hillel, Preschool

Hebrew School         

bar/bat mitzvah preparation

Bar/Bat Mitzvah annual reunions

High Holiday Services


Yarzeit minyans

Adult Education

Junior Shabbat service

Jewish Life Cycle events

Marriage Counseling

    Grief Counseling

                         Hospital Visitations

                         Prison Visitations

                         Hospitality Services


    ** If you need any assistance with any of these services

       mentioned above,

       Or for any questions feel free to contact Linda at

       [email protected] 

       By Telephone:   919-847-8986  

       All events will be listed on our website throughout the year