Helana Herman is a Rebbetzin, wife, mother, teacher, kallah instructor, and Professional Life Coach.

For the past 23 years, she and her husband, Rabbi Pinchas Herman, have served as co-directors of Chabad of Raleigh, NC.

Helana also founded a highly successful day camp that provides some local children with their only connection to Judaism.

Her warmth, sincerity, and passion, coupled with a touch of humor, captivate audiences to create a dynamic and engaging atmosphere. Helana leads presentations and workshops on a variety of topics. In addition, she and her husband conduct popular couples' seminars that focus on enhancing closeness and communication in marriage.

Helana and Pinchas are certified Imago educators. Imago is a relationship theory which trains couples to see conflict as an opportunity, and to turn conflict into connection. Compassionate communication skills are the foundation of the practice.



Welcome! to the Jewish Women's Circle. Our goal is to provide a monthly experience that appeals to women of all ages and backgrounds, and enables them to build lasting friendships, progress intellectually, engage in meaningful discussions and shmooze..

This is the one of the most diverse Jewish groups you will find in the Triangle.

Join Helana Herman for Lunch and Learns, Girls Night Out Evenings, as well as opportunities for individual study and practice. The goal is to offer a variety of rich experiences to appeal to a broad range of women, all the while cultivating a keen sense of community.

For more information about all of Helana’s programs E-mail at