Shavuos At Sha’arei- Talmud, Mysticism and Ice Cream!!

Saturday night- Monday night, June 11-13

Mincha & Maariv (Shabbos afternon-Monday)----------------------------------8:15 PM

All Night Learning (Early Sunday morning)------------------------------- 12:00 AM

Sunday, June 12th and Monday, June 13th

Shacharit—----------------------------------------------------------------------9:30 AM

Reading of the Ten Commandments (Sunday, June 12th---------Approx. 10:45 AM

Ice Cream and Cheesecake Kiddush--------After services (approx. 12:00 PM)

Yizkor (Monday,June 13th)-----------------------------------------Approx. 11:00 AM

There will also be a preschool and Hebrew School program on Sunday morning following the reading of 10 Commandments (approximately 11am)

Among the customs for Shavuos:

1. Eat a dairy meal (pass the cheesecake please!)

2. To stay awake and learn the entire night. We will meet at the shul early Sunday morning at 12:00 AM. Everyone is invited. Classes will be given by Rabbi's Cotlar and community members. If anyone is open to teaching a class, this is your opportunity!

3. That every man, woman and child (even infants) hear the reading of the Ten Commandments. Membership is not necessary to participate.

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Our Rabbis teach that when G‑d offered the Torah to the Jewish People, he asked for a guarantor that the Torah and its traditions would continue with the Jewish people forever. The Jews replied that the Patriarchs would be the guarantors, but G‑d refused. They offered all of the great prophets and prophetesses, but again, G‑d refused. Finally they said that the Jewish children would be the guarantors. G‑d accepted this immediately. The role of parents and every Jewish community is to provide the best Jewish education and Jewish experience possible for the next generation. Participating onShavuos by hearing the 10 Commandments is a wonderful way to emphasize to ourselves, our community and our children the meaningful task that we all have!