The Wilschanski Family at Grand Chanukah Lighting 2022!

Rabbi Mendy Wilschanski: Rabbi / Executive Director

Rabbi Mendy was born and raised in Morristown, NJ. He studied in various Yeshivot in the US as well as Argentina, he concluded his Rabbinic Studies at the Rabbinical College of America, graduating with a BA in religious studies & Rabbinical ordination from a group of Rabbis including Rabbi Lau the Chief Rabbi of Israel. Rabbi Mendy throughout his years of studies has traveled 6 of the 7 continents, spreading the light of Judaism, giving encouragement & counseling Jewish adults & seniors, and making children's and holiday programs in many countries including Ukraine, Poland, Nigeria, the Caribbean islands, and Cambodia to name a few. After graduating in 2014, Rabbi Mendy went on to teach as a full-time Judaic studies teacher at the Oholei Torah day school in Brooklyn for a multitude of grades & ran extracurricular programs in an online school. Since moving to Raleigh, Rabbi Mendy has taken over the Directorship of all Chabad programming and is Rabbi to the Sha'arei Israel Synagogue. Together with his wife Brocha, teaches in, and directs the Chabad Hebrew School & Camp Gan Israel, Cteen, community & holiday programming, JLI courses & more. Rabbi Mendy enjoys adventures, sports and spending time with his family and friends. 

To contact Rabbi Mendy please email: [email protected]


Morah Brocha Wilschanski: Executive Co-Director 

Morah Brocha was born and raised in Melbourne Australia, she continued her advanced studies in a seminary in Israel. Over the past decade, Morah Brocha has taught a variety of ages, including teaching and directing programs in the Beth Rivka Ladies College, Merkos Women's institute, and Chabad Hebrew School in Melbourne Australia. Since moving to America she has taught in the Bnos Menachem day school of Crown Heights Brooklyn, and the Chabad Hebrew School of Brookville Long Island. In addition to teaching, Morah Brocha has directed Jewish day camps and has arranged women's programs in the following cities; Brisbane Australia, Gaithersburg MA, Milwaukee WI. Morah Brocha in her time here in Raleigh has taken on the role of Executive co-director at Chabad, Teacher and Co-director of the Chabad Hebrew School, and Camp Gan Israel, Morah Brocha runs a vibrant Jewish Women's Circle Club, with Torah & Tea, and exciting programs and events. Morah Brocha runs the local Women's Mikvah. Morah Brocha enjoys quality time with her growing family, Music, her hobbies include; Reading, painting, & Bowling.

To contact Morah Brocha please email: [email protected]


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