Disclaimer: Only when stated specifically, does Chabad of Raleigh certify the Kosher option.

Kosher Take-Out & Catering.

Esserie: A Kosher take out service that is run out of the CYP (Chabad Young Professionals) (kitchen under the supervision of Rabbi Zalmy Dubinsky).

From their website: Love some good Jewish food and craving the flavors? Feeling like a good kosher meal to warm the soul? Visiting Raleigh and looking for a hot kosher meal? Try Esserie, our fresh kosher takeout featuring hearty homemade flavors and CYP’s favorite dishes.

All orders must be placed at least 24 hours in advance. If you would like to schedule a delivery, we are happy to send your food via the package option on Uber. 


Taly Shai's Catering: Taly cooks in our shul's commercial kitchen and has a wide variety of delicious choices for your Simcha, Kiddush, or travel needs. She can be reached at  984-218-0096 or [email protected]Order must be made seven days in advance. 

Kosher supervision is provided by Rabbi Mendy Wilschanski at Chabad of Raleigh.

If you are particular about Hechsherim, Pas Yisroel or Bishul (Tuna etc.) Please reach out to Rabbi Mendy to discuss. 


Chabad of Cary: Offers travelers to the area kosher takeout through RDU KOSHER. Click here for the menu and online order. (Kashrut Under Rabbi Yisroel Cotlar of Chabad of Cary)


Kosher Food Truck


Most Sundays at Chabad of Raleigh - 7400 Falls of Neuse Rd. 10:00AM - 8:00PM


104 Union Drive, Durham, NC, 27708

Put Bryan Center as an added stop into your GPS for the best parking option. (it's a 2-3 minute walk from there).

Hours of operation:
Monday - Thursday
11am - 7:00pm

The truck will be running on Duke’s academic calendar and will be closed on Duke vacation days.

Yalla! is certified Glatt Kosher

Kosher certification is given by Rabbi Nossen Fellig of Chabad at Duke. Glatt Kosher. Mashgiach Temidi. Bishul and Pas Yisroel.



​There are currently no sit-down kosher restaurants in the Triangle. The closest to our area is Pita Planet in Myrtle Beach.

​The closest large Kosher only store is  Gleibermans in Charlotte.


General Grocery Stores & Kosher Meat & Chicken

1. Food Lion on 7905 Falls of Neuse Rd (corner of Strickland) has an extensive Kosher section, including frozen and fresh meats, chicken, cold cuts, Cholov Yisroel milk and cheese, pizza, challah, babka, and many Kosher dry goods.

2. Wegman's at 1200 Wake Towne Dr, Raleigh, NC 27609 has a supermarket nearby with a Kosher freezer section as well. (Google Wegman's for more locations around the area).

The Kosher Co-op at Chabad of Cary offers frozen deli, chicken, beef, fish, and more. It is open Sundays and several times throughout the week. Please visit www.koshercary.org for more information.

4. Trader Joes - in Cary, Chapel Hill, and Raleigh 

They usually carry Empire chicken, Glatt Kosher Beef along with many kosher items throughout the store including kosher wines.

5.  Publix in North Raleigh (9640 Leesville Rd) has a selection of chicken, beef, and dry goods.  The Cary and Apex stores also have some items but not as extensive as the one in Raleigh

6. Fresh Market, and the Whole Foods in Raleigh (8710 Six Forks Rd) also frequently carry Empire or Kosher Valley Chicken.

There is also a helpful Facebook group called "Kosher in Raleigh" 

Delivery Services 

KC Kosher Co-Op: Raleigh Delivery 2-3 times a year 

913.712.9205 or E-Mail Contact:  [email protected]  Web Address:  www.kckoshercoop.com

Grillers Pride Co-Op: Raleigh Delivery Every 6 Weeks 

770.454.8108  or web Address:  www.grillerspride.com

Delivery/Pick Up Location Durham/Chapel Hill and Raleigh

Gleibermans in Charlotte occasionally makes special deliveries to the Raleigh/Durham area.

(704) 563-8288