Community has the  privilege of participating in one another’s lives. We have understood this at Chabad Sha’arei Israel. We welcome new lives through birth. We celebrate marriage. We confront illness and loss. We do these things together, and knowing that we are not alone instills that sense of family we cherish. Permit us to become your spiritual family, celebrating together moments of joy and comforting each other in times of struggle.

Please,  email Rabbi Pinny Herman if you need any of these services.

Rabbi Herman will be able to accommodate any of these lifecycle events that are taking place in your life.

Rabbi Herman's Email:

 What We Offer Services In:

Brit Milah: Circumcision
Pidyon Haben
Redeeming the Firstborn Son
Bar Mitzvah
Entering Adulthood
Bat Mitzvah
Entering Adulthood
Dating, Weddings and Marriage in Jewish Tradition
...a last resort, but sometimes necessary


Death & Mourning
The Jewish Traditions & Practice relating to Death and Mourning

      Other Services We Offer:

       Holiday Events, email Rabbi Herman

·     Bar/Bat Mitzvah Tutoring, email Rabbi Lev Cotlar                                                               

       Marriage Counseling, email Helana Herman

·       Grief Counseling, email Rabbi Herman

·       Hospital Visitations, email Rabbi Cotlar

·       Prison Visitations, email Rabbi Cotlar

·       Hospitality Services, email Rabbi Herman