Erev Sukkot - Sunday, September 23
Mincha/Maariv: 7:00pm

Sukkot Day 1 - Monday, September 24
Shacharit: 9:30am

Sukkot Day 2- Tueday, September 25

Shacharit: 9:30am

Shabbat Chol Hamoed Shabbat, September 28-29

Mincha/Ma’ariv: 6:50pm
Shachrit: 9:30am
Mincha/Ma’ariv: 6:45pm

Hoshana Rabba - Sunday, September 30

 Shacharit: 8:00am
Mincha: 6:20pm followed by Maariv/Hakafot

Shmini Atzeret - Monday, October 1
Shacharit: 9:30am
Yizkor: 11:00am (approx) 
Mincha: 7:30pm followed by Maariv/ Hakafot
Join us for the liveliest singing and dancing ever!! Lots of deli, salads and L’chaim!!
Simchat Torah - Tuesday, October 2
Shacharit: 9:30am
Hakafot: 11:00am
Special young children’s service with Morah Dassy!
All kids are called up to the Torah!