For visitors of Ra leigh and the Research Triangle or looking to move to the area.....


Do you have a daily minyan?

Yes! We have a daily minyan in the morning and evening. We also have a minyan for all services for Shabbat and the Jewish holidays. Shacharit is at 6:30am on Monday, Thursday and Rosh Chodesh. On Sunday and secular holidays we start at 8am, and the rest of the week at 6:45am. For evening services, times vary according to the time of year. Please call us for the latest davening times.

How can I find kosher food in Raleigh?

We do not have a kosher restaurant or grocery store in Raleigh. Many of the local grocery stores do have a Kosher section. Please be advised, the Chabad Center of Raleigh does not endorse any store listed.

Harris Teeter: 6200 Falls of Neuse Rd, Raleigh, NC -(919) 872-5786(919) 872-5786(919) 872-5786(919) 872-5786

Large selection of kosher items.

Fresh Market: 6325 Falls of Neuse Rd # 21, Raleigh, NC - (919) 872-8501

Large selection of kosher items.

Costco: 2838 Wake Forest Rd, Raleigh, NC - (919) 755-2801

Kosher chicken, large selection of kosher items.

Caspian International Market: 2909 Brentwood Rd, Raleigh, NC - (919) 954-0029

Large selection of products from Israel.

Trader Joe’s: 3080 Wake Forest Rd, Raleigh, NC

Kosher chicken and cheeses and large selection of kosher items.

Total Wines: 6101 Capital Blvd, Raleigh, NC

(919) 235-0000

Small selection of Kosher wines

Do you have a Mikvah?

Yes, we have a mikvah at the shul for use for Taharat Hamishpacha and for vessels.

To use the mikvah for Taharat Hamishpacha: Appointments must be  scheduled in advance, preferably 5 days prior to the day you need it. To arrange a mikvah appointment, please leave a message at the Chabad Center's mikvah line at  919-847-8986919-847-8986919-847-8986919-847-8986
To use the mikvah for vessels: Please call the Chabad Center office tarrange a time to open the mikvah.

Do you have an Eruv

No, we currently do not have an eruv. We are in the

beginning stages of trying to put one up around the

Are there hotel's within walking distance to the Shul?

No, we do not have any hotels closer than 4 miles.

Google maps for Hotels around the shul.

Do you host   families   for Shabbat and the Jewish holidays

Yes, families in our community do host people traveling through the area for

Shabbat and holidays.

We ask them to fill out an online form  and submit it to our office a week prior to your planned arrival

into the area.

Are there Jewish Educational Institutes in Raleigh?

Jewish preschool: Hillel Preschool 1 yrs- Pre K. (919) 846-2449(919) 846-2449(919) 846-2449(919) 846-2449

Jewish day school: Jewish Academy of Wake County Grades K-5.

(919) 841-1206(919) 841-1206(919) 841-1206(919) 841-1206

Jewish Adult education: Jewish Learning Institute (919) 846-8986

Jewish Summer Camp: Camp Gan Israel (919) 846-8986

For a complete listing of Jewish educational institutes,

visit the Jewish Federation’s website at

How do I get kosher meat products in Raleigh?

The Jewish community of Raleigh is fortunate to have a number of kosher food delivery services that visit Raleigh frequently.


Who are the Jewish Realtors in the Raleigh area?

There are a number of Jewish Realtors in the community. Listed below are some of the realtors who have partnered with the Chabad Center in the past.

 Judi Margulies, Allen Tate Realtors.


Mindy Oberhardt, ReMax.


Phyllis Wolborsky, Allen Tate Realtors.


Are there an Apartment complex within walking

distance to the Shul?

Yes! Hunting Ridge Apartments are about 3/4th of mile to the Shul.

They have housed many families in the Jewish community.

Hunting Ridge Apartments

1001 Fox Hunt Ln, Raleigh, NC (919) 847-0632(919) 847-0632(919) 847-0632(919) 847-0632

Raleigh Jewish Community   Contact information.

Raleigh Cary Jewish Federation:  919-676-2200919-676-2200919-676-2200919-676-2200

Jewish Community Center:  919-676-6170919-676-6170919-676-6170919-676-6170

Jewish Family and Children Services:  919- 676-2200919- 676-2200919- 676-2200919- 676-2200

Jewish Hebrew Cemetery:

Other Jewish Points of Interest:


We are very fortunate to have a renowned Judaic exhibit at the

North  Carolina Art Museum in Raleigh. The exhibit has one of

finest collections of Jewish ceremonial art in the United

States. For highlights of the Judaic Art Collection, please