mikva.pngCongregation Sha'arei Israel houses a Mikvah which is used by women throughout Eastern and Central North Carolina for purposes of taharat hamishpachah. The newly-remodeled Mikvah provides a very pleasant environment for women who wish to fulfill this beautiful and vital Mitzvah. Appointments must be scheduled in advance.

If you have any questions, need information, or would like to learn more, please send an e-mail or leave a message at the Chabad Center's mikvah line at 919-847-8986.


Welcome! to the Jewish Women's Circle. Our goal is to provide a monthly experience that appeals to women of all ages and backgrounds, and enables them to build lasting friendships, progress intellectually, engage in meaningful discussions and shmooze..

This is the one of the most diverse Jewish groups you will find in the Triangle.

Join Helana Herman for Lunch and Learns, Girls Night Out Evenings, as well as opportunities for individual study and practice. The goal is to offer a variety of rich experiences to appeal to a broad range of women, all the while cultivating a keen sense of community.

For more information about all of Helana’s programs E-mail at mrstorahlife@aol.com          




Please consider....Sponsoring a Jewish Women's Circle program is a meaningful way to honor the memory of a loved one, to celebrate a joyful occasion, or to mark a personal milestone. Additional contributions of any amount greatly helps support and strengthen JWC programming.


I continue to be awed by this ever increasing, incredible circle of Jewish women. Thank you deeply for joining with me, connecting through our neshamas (Jewish souls)...and embracing the power that we collectivelycreate



The Sisterhood would love you to join us for the sharing and implementing of ideas on how  best to  support our shul and spread good will. 

Our NEXT MEETING: 11:30 AM, Wednesday February 11, 2015

in the Social Hall at shul.

Call Peggy Tabony, 919 896 8018 for more details.


Sha'arai Israel Sisterhood would love to give everyone the joy of sponsoring a Kiddush.   If you have a yartzeit, birthday, anniversary, or other simcha in the coming year you would like to commemorate, call Brenda Margo 919.673.9715 or brenda.margo@hotmail.com to reserve your date, as our calendar fills up quickly.

          5 ways to sponsor a Kiddush:

  • You may sponsor your own Kiddush.


  • Share the Kiddush with another person/family.


  • Sisterhood will provide guidance/support for the Kiddush.


  •  Sisterhood will prepare the Kiddush for a fee.


  • You may have the Kiddush professionally catered. Call Brenda Margo for more information. 919.673.9715