We are a group of women, from all walks of life,  all age groups,    different levels of religious knowledge who come together to share and discuss…how to live our lives intentionally providing a frameworkof questions to ask ourselves and strategies to accomplish this.

I could not have picked a more nourishing, nonjudgmental, educational place. My favorite topic so far has been Nitzevet, mother of King David.   She exemplified strength and dignity in circumstances that would have crushed most of us.  Through my connection with…the group’s wisdom, I am able to delve deeper and deeper into the beauty of Judaism, while my body and soul are nourished (literally, there is always great food)!

 Maggie Rotman


It's my honor to share with you my experiences and love for the Jewish Women's Circle. There's an amazing bond that forms between women, mothers, sisters and friends. The JWC has an amazing way of bringing together all women, from varying religious congregations and ages, to learn the secrets and history of Jewish women.  what made my heart sing was hearing that taking care of our needs is a holy pursuit and  we should not  feel guilty for taking time for ourselves. By being a better "self", we could really be a better mother/friend/partner. That has stuck with me every day of my life. If there's one thing I can say about the JWC: Just come! Try it out! You never know what you will learn. It's therapeutic, uplifting, spiritual, and feels like home. The JWC gives us the chance to share our dreams and fears in a safe space. I have felt that I'm in a special sorority of women through Helena's group.

What a beautiful thing being a woman is!  …I'm honored to be a part of Raleigh's premier Jewish Women's Learning group.

Erica Burger


I received the opportunity to slow down and share a small but important part of my day with other ladies to honor the power and integrity of being a Jewish woman…to have the opportunity to learn… what is important in leading a Jewish life and household.

Jewish Women’s Circle… (is) like a breath of fresh air that invigorates our daily routines and already overflowing schedules.   (It) encourages us to step outside ourselves and shine the light of Jewish awareness back on our lives. I strongly encourage you all to journey with Helana next year through her Jewish Women’s Circle events. 

 Morgan Henis


Why JWC?  Because... we are stronger together, dare I say powerful? Yes I do.  We learn from each other, we support each other, we nourish each other. One visit could make your day, your week, even change life.

Why JWC?

Because an invitation from Helana is like your own personal hug, priceless.

Elizabeth Portnoy