Special thanks to Eva and Sheldon Hamburger for contributing funds from the Hamburger Family Fund to kick off the purchase our new Sukkah. ....

May our Synagogue family and friends enjoy the holiday of Sukkos for many years together in our new Sukkah.

Yasher Koach to all who contributed and to all those who every year help set up, decorate and take down the Sukkah.

Many thanks to all those who contributed financially for the purchase of such a large and beautiful Sukkah, !!!!

Mort and Deidre Barlaz

Mel and Anita Berman

Ira and Risa Botvinick

Norman and Cathy Herman

Greg and Nancy Michel

Richard Harrison


Pic Of The New Sukkah!!!


IMG_2958.JPG IMG_2957.JPG


The New Sukkah In The Making!!!! 

 photo 1.JPG   

 Kids Enjoying The New Look With Rabbi and Rebbetzin Helana Herman

photo 4.JPG   photo 2.JPG