Sha’Arei would like to thank those who helped with the kitchen remodel.  We now have a plaque commemorating those people that made a sizable donation. They include: Hal & Maggie Rotman, Avi Lev, Dassie Baum, Ira & RIsa Botvonick, Barak & Morgan Henis, Ron Levine, Michelle Rosoff, Robert & Elaine Hubal, Arlene Isaacson & Mark Werner, Joel & Roach, Lev & Dassy Cotlar & Morton Silberberg.

Thanks for all those that contributed: Mort Barlaz, Gilmore family, Helena Herman, Sol & Katibian, Dan &  Middleman, Mosche Nouriel, Aryeh Israelnaim, Sheldon Mazursky, Miriam Schaul, Marcus Massingham & Barbara Fields. Also, thanks to Aviv Hamburger for helping with the demo of the kitchen.

 Old Kitchen

old kitchen 1.png 

 old kitchen 2.png


New Kitchen 


new kitchen 1.png 

 new kitchen 2.png

new kitchen 3.png