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Service Times

Service Times


Parshat  Korach

Shabbat Schedule:

Please see homepage for candle lighting and Shabbat ending times

Friday Evening-7:15 pm

Shabbat Morning-9:30 am

Rabbi Herman's Jewish Mysticsm Class approximately 45 minutes before Mincha:  

Shabbat Mincha-Friday's candle lighting time 8:17 Pm

Talmud Class Follows Mincha

Motzei Shabbat- Maariv approximately 5 minutes after Shabbat ends: 9:25 PM

Check the latest kriyat shema times and other important times in Raleigh and anywhere else in the US, Click Here

Shacharit –Sunday and National Holidays- 8:00 AM.

Shacharit Monday- Friday 6:45 AM

Mincha & Maariv Sunday-Thursday 7:00 pm 

--- Please note that we do not always get a minyan so please call ahead of time to confirm.